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Heated Bars insulated sleeves C3

Heated Bars insulated sleeves C3

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 Introducing bar sleeves purpose-designed for the C3 center flow heated bar system! Super simple, yet a remarkable impact on your snowbiking experience -

  • Reduce unwanted heat transfer surface area
    • Retain warmth - helps maintain engine temps up to 10° higher! 
    • More heat is provided to your hands where you want it!
  • Extra-thick 5mm neoprene for good insulation
  • Full-length zipper for easy install (don't have to remove controls)
  • Indexed zipper pull tabs stay tucked away, not dangle & rattle
  • Sold as a set of two
  • Probably The best bang-for-buck noticeable improvement you can make

Note that you shouldn't use the Bar Sleeves as a tie-down point, and that they're not designed to be compatible with handguards that mount to the handlebars at the tapered area. 

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