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Seal Savers

Seal Savers

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An extra layer of defense for your fork seals! The original; the best.

On dirt, these beauties really speak for themselves - a small investment to protect from dirt and grime that pays for itself ten times over by saving future headaches and expensive repairs. And they're also a valuable addition to snowbike setups as well! With frequent tree riding, you may have problems with your fork seals so you might appreciate the extra protection.

Long style to help protect your upper and lower tubes against dings from branches, especially useful if your spindle is incompatible with your stock fork guards. BUT you should make sure not to cover the entire lower - if you bottom out, where is that all going to go? We leave about an inch and a half of room.

Easy install

Additionally, we do recommend keeping an eye on them to make sure they're not frozen and bunching up.

Sold as a set. Fits all full size bikes (44mm and up fork tubes).

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